Industrial Battery

Industrial Battery manufacturing

Plate Generation

  • Spine Casting Machine (100 Bar, Spine Length 620mm)
  • Spine Cutting Machine
  • Non-woven Gauntlet Forming & Cutting Machine
  • Slurry Filling Machine
  • Automatic PIG Feeding Conveyor
  • Negative plate acid wash Conveyor

Assembly Line Equipment

  • Pole Welding Machine (TIG)
  • Air Leak Testing Machine
  • NEPST Battery Group Stacking Machine

Cell Formation

  • Jar Formation Tank with PVC Conveyor
  • 90° Bent & Straight SS Roller Conveyor (Power)
  • 90° Bent & Straight PP Modular Belt Conveyor (Power)


  • S316L Tanks for Raw Acid (upto 20KL)
  • PP-H Acid Recovery Tank (upto 20KL)
  • MS Scissor Lifter with SS316L Cladding (1.5 to 3.0 Tons)
  • Plate Drying Racks
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